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You worked way too hard to get to where you are today. Don’t let yourself get bogged down from the pressures of leading a team and the overhead that comes with it. Stay in the lane you love! Outsource the rest. Being a firm believer in the philosophy of working from your strengths and delegating the rest, I’m here to help you live your happiest life, follow your passions, and, of course, not have to deal with the things you don’t necessarily enjoy.

For many practice owners, the business side of dentistry—and the leadership responsibilities that come with it—are not the first love. So why are you forcing yourself to struggle and put up with learning skill sets that you’ve never been passionate about? Don’t settle, because that practice you aspire for is just around the corner. After all, you owe it to yourself to start focusing on the one thing you are best at and not the frivolous responsibilities you’ve been forced into. Allow me to help you find this path, increase your take-home pay, unify your team, reduce your stress, and streamline your systems. Make this year about finding a coach who compliments your strengths and finds solutions to your weaknesses.

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Overhead Pains?

How do you make decisions for your practice? Are you able to put a finger on where the revenue goes and whether or not this decision helps or harms your practice? The truth is, data should drive decisions. Yet, many owners take the big decisions into their own hands without the necessary data to back them up. Decisions like—deciding whether to participate with insurance, whether to give bonuses or purchase new tech, whether to add an associate.

Sounds like you need to build your foundation with an Owners Power Pack of tools. From understanding your true overhead and breakeven numbers to determining your hygiene capacity and setting annual, monthly, weekly, and hourly goals for all providers, the Owners Power Pack will help you discover and manage important financial information and data, all the while streamlining your day-to-day operations.

Team Anguish

As an owner do you feel like you are the only one trying to row the boat? Team turnover used to be less prevalent, now it’s the norm. Allow me to introduce you to my systemic team coaching.

Rather than relying on one or two individuals to run your entire practice, my systemic team coaching method helps teach collective performance and leadership in the workplace, allowing for collaborative decision making, increased team engagement, and higher productivity and overall happiness. If you’re an owner and are looking for ways to take the pressure off, this is it.

Peaceful, Productive and Profitable

These are the three qualities that’ll make you feel satisfied with your practice when you head home each day. And as I consult with more and more owners, it seems to be the consensus that these are certainly the “big 3”.

So how do you achieve a Peaceful, Productive, and Profitable Practice?

Simply trade out the outdated “hand-me-down knowledge” for streamlined systems and state-of-the-art solutions. After all, the heavy systems from years ago no longer serve us in 2021. Reach out to me today to give your practice the modern solutions it requires to reduce unnecessary tasks, lighten the overhead, and get the forward momentum you seek.

“Fantastic consultant with vast knowledge in dental office management. Shelley has taught us systems to implement in the office to make our lives and patient’s experience drastically better. We’re still in the process of learning new systems and continuously improving with Shelley’s sessions. She also runs an insanely successful dental office so she has the evidence to back up her systems. We will be happy if we can be half as successful as the office she manages.”

Dr. Henry Huang, DDS, Bethlehem Town Family Dental

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